Can a video game have a minimal quantity of graphics and sound, and still be enjoyable? To answer this question I have tried to recreate the experience of the original Pong in a Windows environment.

Pong 0.91 C++ Source

September 2002
I seem to have lost / stopped caring about version 0.90...
doesn't matter anyway, this one is much better.

This Pong clone has been made to surpass the currently available ones in terms of playability. The opponent paddle doesn't just follow the ball. It tries to predict where it will go, with a varying accuracy.

I made the game mouse driven because I feel that mice are as natural to PC's as joysticks are to consoles.

Pong 0.92 C++ Source

January 2004
Implemented 2 speeds:
Pressing the (1/!) key makes it go faster. Pressing the (2/@) key makes it go slower.
When the game ends, the artificial intelligence plays for both sides. Use the space bar
to resume game-play or start a new one.

Pong 0.92